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Meadowlands Pace 2016 and Undercard Selections

One of the biggest nights in harness racing is tonight at The Meadowlands.  It is Meadowlands Pace night, featuring Racing Hill and Control The Moment.  Also on the card is round two of the major pace matchup, Always B Miki, Wiggle It Jiggleit, and Freaky Feet Pete in the William R. Haughton Memorial.  Hambletonian hopefuls go in the Stanley Dancer, hoping to get a major win at The Meadowlands before returning on the first Saturday in August.  There is also a huge Jackpot Super High-5 to be paid out in the 12th race, the Golden Girls.

Check Out My Selections Below:

Race Selections
1 1) Haughty                          2) Womans Will                 3) Miss Tezsla                    (Del Miller)
2 1) Blue Moon Stride        2) L A Delight                      3) Skinny Dipper               (Mistletoe Shalee)
3 1) All The Time                  2) Sunset Glider                                3) Just Jess                          (Del Miller)
4 1) Southwind Frank         2) Sutton                             3) Trolley                             (Stanley Dancer)
5 1) Western Fame             2) Caution Signs                                3) Pierce
6 1) Classical Annie              2) Smokinmombo            3) Jewels In Hock             (Miss Versatility)
7 1) Bar Hopping                  2) Marion Marauder       3) Goin To The Limit        (Stanley Dancer)
8 1) Itrustyou                        2) Jacksrluckytoo              3) Michaels Power
9 1) Always B Miki               2) Wiggle It Jiggleit           3) Freaky Feet Pete        (W.R. Haughton)
10 1) Crazy Wow                    2) Musical Rhythm           3) Muscle Up The Goal  (Hambo Maturity)
11 1) Control The Moment 2) Lyons Snyder                                3) Racing Hill                       (Meadowlands Pace)
12 1) Anndrovette                 2) Lady Shadow                3) Venus Delight               (Golden Girls)
13 1) Gratias Deo                   2) Andwin Hanover         3) Hope For Badlands

Here is my Super High-5 Ticket for Race 12:
12 / 2,5,7,8 / 2,5,7,8 / 1,4,11 / 1,4,11

Good Luck and Enjoy the Races!


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