Pure Speed Figures

Pure Speed Figures – Meadowlands Harness – 6/18/16

After about a year of collecting data and experimenting, my harness racing speed figures, the Pure Speed Figures, have entered stage two.  A few changes have been made, most notably track variant and class variant.  For all figures made from here on out, all Pure Speed Figures will be calculated relative to the class the horse is coming out of, not just how fast the race went.  Another important change is that no longer is a zero PSF an average baseline mark; instead, a 70 is now considered an average baseline mark.  This will allow easier reading of the figures as all are now positive numbers.  This is more in line with how most other speed figures are reported.

Download below the Pure Speed Figures for June 18th, 2016.  The first post time is at 7:15pm and there will be Camel and Ostrich racing happening in between a few races during the night.  Come out to the track and watch & wager on some of the best harness racing in North America, and don’t forget to simulcast the Mohawk Racing card, featuring the Pepsi North American Cup.  Grand Circuit racing and the Road to the Meadowlands Pace & Hambletonian are well underway; don’t miss out on any of the action!

Download: Meadowlands (Harness) – June 18th, 2016


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