Los Alamitos TB Picks 7/10/15

Only a few more days left of Los Alamitos before Southern California racing shifts to Del Mar.  Here are my selections for the thoroughbred racing as well as the nighttime quarter horse racing.  Also, check out my speed figures for tonights racing from the Meadowlands (special post, 5:30pm est).  They are available in the Pure Speed Figures tab.

  • Thoroughbred:
    • Race 1: Papa Frank
    • Race 2: Cleverly Beverly
    • Race 3: Warrenspoweroflove
    • Race 4: Rocko’s Wheel
    • Race 5: Lazy Daisy May
    • Race 6: Favorably
    • Race 7: Atta’ Boy Woody
    • Race 8: Blame It On Tekela
  • Quarter Horse:
    • Race 1: Warren’s Vanwinkle
    • Race 2: Missy Marini
    • Race 3: Time for Jess
    • Race 4: On the Move
    • Race 5: Ojos de Toro Loco
    • Race 6: Foremost
    • Race 7: Yess
    • Race 8: Walk West

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