Kentucky Derby · Triple Crown

Kentucky Derby 2014 Early Top 10

HRS Kentucky Derby



With only 7 days to go before the field of twenty and also-eligibles are released and post positions are drawn, here is an early look at my Top 10.

  1. Wildcat Red
    • Great Early Speed
    • Works Well With Fast Pace
    • Duels Well (Doesn’t Fall Back)
    • Better Chance if Fast and With At Least a Share of Lead Early
    • Needs to Learn to Pull Away Late
  2. Hoppertunity
    • Relaxed Stalker
    • Will Not Pressure Front Runners
    • Runs Well Late
  3. California Chrome
    • Strong Runner Early
    • Loves the Front
    • Easy Pacesetter
    • Stamina a Question
  4. Intense Holiday
    • Sits Calm Early
    • Keeps Up From the Mid-Back of Pack
    • Great Speed Down the Stretch
    • Loves the Long Stretch
    • Closer
  5. Vicar’s In Trouble
    • Fast Out of the Gate
    • Will Control the Pace
    • Stamina not a Problem
    • Needs to be Up Front
    • Won’t Win if Pressured Down the Stretch
  6. Chitu
    • Consistent Speed Throughout
    • Powerful Runner Down the Stretch
    • Extra Furlong May Help
  7. Wicked Strong
    • Settles Well
    • Closer
    • Extra Furlong May Help
    • Not Good with a Fast Pace
    • Would Benefit With Blinders
  8. Dance With Fate
    • Steady at the Back
    • Strong Outside Runner
    • Stamina a Question
    • Untested
  9. Danza
    • Stalks Well
    • Nice Late Speed
    • Short Stride
    • Wavers on Stretch
  10. Candy Boy
    • Consistent Speed
    • Strong on Stretch
    • May Improve with Extra Furlong



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