Triple Crown

Belmont Stakes Picks

Earlier today I released the Calls for the Belmont. Now I release the final call and my picks for the 2012 Belmont Stakes.

Final Call

  1. Paynter
  2. Atigun
  3. Union Rags
  4. Five Sixteen
  5. Street Life
  6. Ravelo’s Boy
  7. Optimizer
  8. Dullahan
  9. My Adonis
  10. Unstoppable U
  11. Guyana Star Dweej

  • Paynter: I like this horse. With the scratch of I’ll Have Another, Paynter is the fastest horse in the field. He has great speed and I believe he has the stamina to win.
  • Atigun: The longshot made not too long after the IHA scratch, he looks good. He reminds me a lot of Ruler on Ice. Same as last year, I just can’t put my finger on why I like him, but I like him. He has the will to win.
  • Union Rags: I never really like this horse but I believe he will do well. He will finally have a clean ride (or semi-clean) and will be able to perform well. Distance is the only factor and his pedigree shows it will be too long for him.
  • Five Sixteen: Gelding perform well in the Belmont Stakes and Ruler on Ice won last year as a gelding. He would do much better at a longer distance and is ready to tackle anything.
  • Street Life: My final horse of my Top 5. He is going to be a big factor in the late going and if he can get good position in the back of the pack, he is going to surge to the front pack. This deep closer is a superfecta threat.

The other horses I feel just are not able to win. Ravelo’s Boy will do well at distance but will not have enough to compete with these horses. Optimizer struggles with a fast pace and shows no real reason why he could win. Dullahan will struggle with the distance and won’t have the closer speed he needs to win. My Adonis doesn’t show anything that makes a possibility of him catching the leaders late. Unstoppable U is a sprinter and will not have enough in the tank to tackle the distance. Guyana Star Dweej has nothing to show and will fall back in this long race.

There you have it, my top 5. Below are my bets:

$10 across on Paynter
$10 across on Atigun
$2 Trifecta box 9-3-4
$1 Superfecta box 9-3-4-7


One thought on “Belmont Stakes Picks

  1. The 2012 Belmont Stakes lost some luster without I’ll Have Another.
    Will there be any excitement at all? Are we going to see a climactic finish?
    It’s going to be a toss-up now between DULLAHAN and UNION RAGS.
    The outside shots will be coming from STREET LIFE and PAYNTER.
    MY ADONIS will be my long shot.
    To all the participants, good luck !


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