Triple Crown

Belmont Prelim Info

With a couple days to go until horse racing history could be made, I must release my prelim picks.  I won’t be writing much, I’m saving the best for Friday night.  But my prelim info will say a little to help.

Top Picks:

  • Paynter: This horse looks the part.  Fast with stamina, could be a huge threat to stopping IHA from winning.
  • Atigun: My live longshot.  Like this horse for some reason, I just can’t put my finger on it.  He could easily hit the board.
No Go:
  • Dullahan: Throw him out!  He does not have the late kick you want from a closer, and he looks like stamina might be an issue.
  • I’ll Have Another: Top 5 horse, yes.  Will he win, I don’t see it happening.  You will see exactly why tomorrow.
  • Optimizer: No speed and no real will to win.  Expect him to finish in the bottom three.

I know some of the things I said will be up for debate, but anything can happen and that is my preliminary take on the Belmont Stakes.


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