Triple Crown

Preakness Stakes: Ups and Downs

As the second jewel in the Triple Crown begins in a little over 24 hours, I present the ups and downs in this race.  The ups are good horses to play while the downs are horses to stay away from.

  • UPS
    • Bodemeister: Its the Preakness and speed kills at the 1 3/16 mile distance.  All things point to Bode winning in the second jewel, so definetely put him at the top of your tickets.
    • I’ll Have Another: The Derby winner may not have run as good of a race as Bode did, but he has the speed to chase him down.  But the only question is if he has the stamina to keep with him the whole race.  Once you give Bode space, he will run away with it.
    • Went the Day Well: Would have done much better in the Derby if it wasn’t for the tough trip.  He had a lot of late speed and will be a threat if he a good trip.
    • Creative Cause: This horse likes to press down on the leaders and has a long stride.  The long stride of Shackleford last year helped him come away with a big Preakness win.  Could that do the same for CC.
    • Optimizer: Even though his past performances say he should be thrown out, this horse has the ability to do a lot of things as a stalker.  If he can keep up, then he might be able to surge right past the leaders of Bode and IHA (if those two decide to duke it out early).
    • Zetterholm: This unknown horse might be the longshot to hit the board.  He is in form and is patient.  He has a lot of late speed and surges downt the center of the race track late.  Although he never raced past a mile and change, this extra 3/16ths might help him catch the big guys, and pull of a shocker in the Preakness.
    • Pretention: This newbie likes a slow pace, and with Bode and IHA, it is highly unlikely that he will find one.  Sorry but he is done.
    • Closers: Tiger Walk, Teeth of the Dog,  Daddy Nose Best, and Cozzetti are all closers.  Closers don’t perform well at the Preakness, let alone Pimlico.  You can take these four off your ticket now, they are just their to add to the field.

Now for all of you looking to wonder what my formula picks, its not a shocker.  Bodemeister is the said winner and I don’t think many people can argue with that. But my formal picks won’t be released until tomorrow so, wait til then to see who I put down on the ticket.


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