Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby: Ups and Downs

Some horses to bring up and put down before we have the post position draw:

  • Ups:
    • Dullahan
      • One of three closers to get a post inside 10 and with the five, tied for the most wins of a post position at 12 wins
    • I’ll Have Another
      • Past two races have been above average for him, maybe hit a hot streak
    • Take Charge Indy
      • With a post position of three, him and Bo-rail will be in it til the end
    • Stalkers & Closers
      • With the weather suposed to be hot, muggy, and sticky, stalkers and closers will be able to get past the tiring front runners
  • Downs:
    • Bodemeister
      • Posted highest Beyer of field in last race, most don’t win Derby with those numbers
    • Daddy Long Legs
      • Foreign horses struggle although getting the rail might help as it yields the most winners of all the posts, but don’t count on it
    • Liaison
      • Struggles at distance no matter how he races, upfront or in the back
    • Went the Day Well
      • Only three American starts before Derby
    • El Padrino
      • Beyers have been on a steep decline since 100 Beyer two races back, could be a sign of decline in performance
    • Front Runners
      • Going to be hot, muggy, and sticky will make the front runners tired… fast

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