Three Year Old Horse of the Year Comes Down to the Wire

We reach the end of a great season in racing and have one problem to solve, who will be the 3 year old horse of the year. During the spring it was a lock for UncleMo, then after the Triple Crown it was a head bob between Animal Kingdom and Shackleford, with Ruler on Ice closing in on them. Then Coil jumped in to the picture for a short while. But as we were about to enter the turn for home, Stay Thirsty took the lead and held it, until Breeders Cup weekend. Now we have a photo finish between Animal Kingdom, Shackleford, Stay Thirsty, Ruler on Ice, and Caleb’s Posse, who popped up into the national spotlight after beating UncleMo in the King’s Bishop.

With all these great horses in the mix, who will win the prized end of the year trophy?

Lets go through the field:

  1. Caleb’s Posse (2-1): Late to national recognition but made a boom when he beatUncleMoin the King’s Bishop back in August. Then beat Shackleford in the Breeders Cup Dirt Mile, putting an amazing ticket together with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five wins in his 3 year old season.
  2. Shackleford (5-1): Just barely lost in theDerby, bounced back in the Preakness, and fell once again in theBelmont, this horse, although finishing in the money most of the time, has had trouble finding a win this season. Won’t be shocked if he wins, but he will need a lot of favoritism to beat Caleb’s Posse at the wire.
  3. Animal Kingdom (6-1): Although out of action for most of the year, his strong performances in theDerbyand the Preakness, opened the gate in the eyes of the big fans and the rest of the public. He is the fan favorite in this trip but will need a lot of help to close in on Caleb’s Posse and Shackleford.
  4. Stay Thirsty (8-1): After falling far back in theDerby, he came back into the action in theBelmont, solidifying his spot in the chase with his awesome summer series, but after that, he fell out of first. Will his horrible finish in the Classic put a dagger in his chances to win the 3 year old horse of the year?
  5. Ruler on Ice (24-1): Ok, maybe not that much of a long shot, but that is what he won at in theBelmont, the race that put him in the picture. During the year he was finishing with up in the money but could not crack through to first with the lone exception being his sloppy track win at the Belmont. He will need to close fast to win the championship, but he is up there with the favorites.
  6. Other (100-1): I am not going to leave out Coil andRattlesnake Bridge here, but as the odds state, it is highly unlikely.

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