Summer Stakes

It’s Time: Travers Picks and Predictions

Ok, so it is time to make my picks for the Travers stakes. Well, as one can see from the cover pick, Rattlesnake Bridge is my pick to win it all this Saturday at the Spa. Rattlesnake Bridge is a strong horse who has been the whipping boy of Uncle Mo. I predict a breakout performance by him to but him in the chase for the 3 year old title.

Now on to the way it will go. Shackleford and Stay Thirsty will go right out to the front. Stay Thirsty will stay two to three lengths back from Shack. Then RoI, Rattlesnake, and Coil will stay at the back of the pack. Nearing the mile and 1/8 mark, Shack will slow down allowing for Stay Thirsty to take the lead. But Rattlesnake will pressure him from the outside and win by a head bob. Then Coil, JW Blue, and RoI.

1- Rattlesnake Bridge

2- Stay Thirsty

3- Coil

4- JW Blue

5- Ruler on Ice

6- Moonshine Mullin

7- Shackleford

8- Raison d’Etat

9- Bowman’s Causeway

10- Malibu Glow

Well, we will have to wait until the Saturday post to find out if my picks come true.

Good luck to everyone who is betting on the Travers.


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