2011- One of the Best Horse Racing Years?

Although many people keep saying that this is one of the worst 3-year olds in a long time, this year is impressive and is on pace for a terrific finish.  We have had three different winners of the Triple Crown races, and a different winner in the Haskell then the TC.  We had horses that were locks for the TC get injured and TC winning horses getting injured.  We have horses that come from the field to rise to stardom and horses that could not draw success in the Classics.  Who knows whats next.  With Animal Kingdom out for the season and Ruler on Ice starting to fade, who will take claim to this year.  We have not had a clear winner at all this year, unlike the past seasons.  While trying to find a winner this year, lets look back at the past four great races.

Kentucky Derby:

Who had the best Kentucky Derby?  Most people would say Animal Kingdom and Shackleford and I agree.  But what about the last place horse, Comma to the Top.  He stayed at second most of the race, until he faded at the top of the stretch.  Now he may not be a Breeders Cup Classic contender but he had an impressive race.  Maybe he will be a contender for the BC Mile and possible be able to take down the great Goldikova.

And what about Santiva.  He was my pick for the Derby longshot, not to win, just to break through.  An impressive 6th in a field of 19 and 8th in the Belmont out of 12, he is a gifted horse.  He stayed in the top just as long as Comma.  But he does not have enough stamina for even a mile.  Still, impressive.

Preakness Stakes:

Pretty straight forward here.  Shackleford was the dominant horse and Astrology was the shocker.  Astrology ran a great race and finished third.  Might have won if Shackleford did not move to the rail right in front of Astrology.  Still, both horses raced very well and were the best in the race.

Belmont Stakes:

Again, very straight forward.  Ruler on Ice ran the race of his life and ran predictable.  It was an easy race to pick and that is why I picked the Triple Crown.  Now Stay Thirsty had a wonderful race to put him in contention.  When you can finish in second in the Belmont, let alone a Belmont that had a sloppy track.  Now Stay Thirsty has a win in the Jim Dandy.  Wow! Watch out for Stay Thirsty.

Haskell Stakes:

Finally the Haskell.  From what I posted before, JJs Lucky Train, a sprinter, show that he can take it the distance, finishing in fourth.  And then Coil, the winner.  Pushing himself into the 3-year old championship race that has no clear cut winner. With this performance it throws an exciting race to the finish as we enter the final stretch.  Lets see what happens in the Travers at the end of this month at Saratoga.


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